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Preparing every child for successStructured ICT LabsUltramodern sports facilities

Preparing every child for success

Reach your goal with us

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Structured ICT Labs

Fully compliant ICT laboratory with wireless internet connection to globalize learning at the touch of a button

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Ultramodern sports facilities

Pupils brushing up their swimming skills within the school swimming facilities

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Our Management –

Our Team – Expertise, Experience, Commitment

The school is established to run as an inclusive and supportive enterprise with chains of responsibility and division of roles. This is to build a supportive school system where everybody is working from different direction to achieve a common goal of building a wholesome child.

The management of Silverwood School is divided into 3

1- Academic Management

2- Human Resources & Administrative Management

3- Logistics & Special duties

The Academic Management

The Academic management is made up very experienced and highly skilled professionals, who have a total and cumulative work experience of overs 250 years of dedicated cognate work in the educational and academic fields.

Silverwood School boasts of teachers and academic staff that have deep understanding of the R-e-s-p-e-c-t-e-d core values of the school in relation to integrating these core values in to our pupils through determined teaching of our Standardized Nigerian and British curricula. While delivering their roles as teachers, pupils will easily detect the teacher’s love for job and subject.

The Silverwood educators know the subject, plans and prepares for lessons daily. They care about pupil’s success by taking time with them in supporting and encouraging them to achieve their best. Our diverse teaching modes are as follows

  • Assignments
  • Brainstorming
  • General discussion
  • Problem-solving discussion
  • Pair/group discussion
  • Music
  • Instructional games
  • Questioning and quizzes
  • Reports and talks
  • Role playing
  • Worksheets
  • Demonstrations
  • Dramas
  • Storytelling
  • General chalkboard use
  • Chalkboard illustrations
  • Charts and maps
  • Flashcards
  • Videos
  • Opaque projections
  • Overhead transparency projections
  • LCD projections using PowerPoint
  • Internet access
  • Pictures, posters
  • Tape recordings
  • Videotaping class presentations or activities
  • Guest appearances
  • Combined activities with another class
  • Dialog journal.

Human Resources and Administrative management

Silverwood School human resource management is the life wire towards igniting the various modes of teaching and learning of our pupils through the support of well recruited and accomplished teachers and staff. The HR is manned by professional HR and Admin practitioners who recognise the importance of quality teachers as the key component in raising sound all round pupils.

A teacher is a reflection of the pupils so the quote goes and to justify the quote; we have continuous all-year-round training for the staff and teachers of the school. The HR designs and organises specific in-house and external training for the staff to constantly keep them up to date in their subject areas etc. A university degree in Education or related subjects is the minimum education requirement at Silverwood School, Maryland.

Our HR operates on international best practice with the commitment to recruit and remunerate competitively. The recruitment system takes a long view of staff experience, core values and other valued added resources and talents the school can harness. We strive for our teacher to be specialised in the field subject and must possess an additional skill. The HR/Admin is in charge of recruitment, outsourcing, management, accounting, Information and communications technology etc.

Logistics and Special duties Department

The overall support services in the areas of transportation, Storage and facilities management, events, excursion, new school development and outsourcing are managed by the logistics and special duties. Where classrooms learning needs to interface with other out of class programmes, the logistics and special duties get this accomplished. The department is handled by a set of very proactive professional team of people, who puts the very details into deployment of work.

About Us

Welcome To Silverwood School! Motto: Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow Introducing a radical change in the early childhood education scenario in Nigeria, Silverwood School Maryland is a private Nigerian / British […]

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Vision & Mission

OUR VISION We aspire to be a world-class School in the heart of the centre of excellence raising future leaders, change agents and global ambassadors. Silverwood School Maryland aims to […]

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Learn Today Lead Tomorrow is not just a Motto, it was first coined by the brain behind Silverwood school years ago to underscore the importance of life learning Skills and […]

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Our Management – Our Team – Expertise, Experience, Commitment The school is established to run as an inclusive and supportive enterprise with chains of responsibility and division of roles. This […]

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Core Values

Our Core Values are R-E-S-P-E-C-T-E-D Resourcefulness: rɪˈsɔːsfʊlnɪs, we pride our teachers in the ability to break teaching and learning barriers to a successful building of a robust child.  We recognize […]

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