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Preparing every child for successStructured ICT LabsUltramodern sports facilities

Preparing every child for success

Reach your goal with us

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Structured ICT Labs

Fully compliant ICT laboratory with wireless internet connection to globalize learning at the touch of a button

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Ultramodern sports facilities

Pupils brushing up their swimming skills within the school swimming facilities

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Crèche (Your child is happier with Silverwood School, Maryland)

The Crèche section consists (3 months-1year olds) This section is fully air-conditioned with play pens, beds, high chairs, recreational rooms, audio/visual programmes, toys, puzzles, etc. With Well-trained Nannies who are committed to the proper care and development of the children, every effort is made to seek the interest of each child.

Children develop skills at best thesis writing different rates, but by 1 year, usually children will:

Listen carefully, and turn to someone talking on the other side of the room.
Look at you when you speak and when their name is called.
Babble strings of sounds, like ‘no-no’ and ‘go-go’.
Make noises, point and look at you to get your attention.
Smile at people who are smiling at them.
Start to understand words like ‘bye-bye’ and ‘up’ especially when a gesture is used at the same time.
Recognize the names of familiar objects, things like ‘car’ and ‘daddy’.
Enjoy action songs and rhymes and get excited when sung to.
Take turns in conversations, babbling back to an adult.

We utilize a universal progress checker to ensure children are at the pace of scheduled development and exhibit related traits at that level of development.

The crèche is probably one of the more interesting classes due the unique naivety of each child and the varying ways they respond to their environment and learning. We ensure that the best in them is made manifest with the choice of class decorations and learning to make them feel very much at home and happy.

The Crèche does not go on holidays, except public holidays and on a short Christmas break each year. This period is used to fumigate the School premises. The academic calendar runs in 3 quarters and commences in September as follows:

September – December
January to March
April to July

About Us

Welcome To Silverwood School! Motto: Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow Introducing a radical change in the early childhood education scenario in Nigeria, Silverwood School Maryland is a private Nigerian / British […]

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Vision & Mission

OUR VISION We aspire to be a world-class School in the heart of the centre of excellence raising future leaders, change agents and global ambassadors. Silverwood School Maryland aims to […]

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Learn Today Lead Tomorrow is not just a Motto, it was first coined by the brain behind Silverwood school years ago to underscore the importance of life learning Skills and […]

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Our Management – Our Team – Expertise, Experience, Commitment The school is established to run as an inclusive and supportive enterprise with chains of responsibility and division of roles. This […]

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Core Values

Our Core Values are R-E-S-P-E-C-T-E-D Resourcefulness: rɪˈsɔːsfʊlnɪs, we pride our teachers in the ability to break teaching and learning barriers to a successful building of a robust child.  We recognize […]

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