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Near 7th Day Adventist Church Maryland, Lagos.
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Email: support@silverwoodschools.com.


Crèche (Your child is happier with Silverwood School, Maryland)

Welcome to our Creche Section

The Crèche section consists (3 months-1year olds) This section is fully air-conditioned with play pens, beds, high chairs, recreational rooms, audio/visual programmes, toys, puzzles, etc. With Well-trained Nannies who are committed to the proper care and development of the children, every effort is made to seek the interest of each child.

We utilize a universal progress checker to ensure children are at the pace of scheduled development and exhibit related traits at that level of development.

The crèche is probably one of the more interesting classes due the unique naivety of each child and the varying ways they respond to their environment and learning. We ensure that the best in them is made manifest with the choice of class decorations and learning to make them feel very much at home and happy.




Our creche activities include;
  1. Water play
  2. Block play.
  3. block building
  4. story telling
  5. Rhymes
  6. Pretend animal play
  7. Introduction to jolly phonics sounds
  8. Texture walk
  9. Sort toys in muffin tins
  10. Sock puppets


I am happy to be part of the Family

The atmosphere in the school is full of positive and committed parents and teachers. Your ability to drive excellence and standard at Silverwood is impressive. I am so proud of SILVERWOOD, THE OGUNDIPES, AND THE PTA COMMUNITY.  

Thank God I made the decision to bring my son to Silverwood

Thank God I made the decision to bring my son to Silverwood. Hopefully, it will be good all the way my heart is full of joy. Truth be told, thank God you followed up with us after our visit because you convinced me.

Silverwood School is like Haven for us

My husband said yesterday " I wish this was the first school Zoe attend". It's only our God that can reward you and the whole teachers for all that you do for the children. We love and celebrate you, ma'am. Pray this vision will continue to run and God will keep giving you hands that will run with the template and the blueprint will only get clearer and clearer in Jesus name.
Mrs Ehizogie
Mrs Ojo
Mrs Kingsley