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Preparing every child for successStructured ICT LabsUltramodern sports facilities

Preparing every child for success

Reach your goal with us

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Structured ICT Labs

Fully compliant ICT laboratory with wireless internet connection to globalize learning at the touch of a button

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Ultramodern sports facilities

Pupils brushing up their swimming skills within the school swimming facilities

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Core Values

Our Core Values are


Resourcefulness: rɪˈsɔːsfʊlnɪs, we pride our teachers in the ability to break teaching and learning barriers to a successful building of a robust child.  We recognize that every child is unique with peculiar strengths and weaknesses so we carefully use creative ways and materials to enhance their strengths. Hidden in every weakness are strengths, strength which we identify and use to the advantage of our pupils.

Endurance: ɪnˈdjʊər(ə)ns, The race of life from birth to adulthood is fraught with a cycle of learning, failing and succeeding. One of the hallmarks of succeeding in life is to exhibit the values of endurance. Silverwood School Maryland epitomizes Endurance through hardwork, consistency and dedication. This is brought to bear on the process of creating descent and interesting school ambience to harness and cater to the child whether a high flyer or a super flyer. We are in the race to create long lasting value in the education sector.

Skillfulness: skɪlfʊlnɪs, we pride in the fact that our pupils must learn an additional skill alongside academic knowledge and exploits. We challenge our pupils early to learn and become skilful in a chosen area. We have the determination to arouse their innate interest and guide their talents in ways to develop their creativeness and therefore become innovative.

Preparedness; prɪˈpɛərɪdnɪs, Planning breeds preparedness. The Silverwood thinking embedded in our methods and tasks embrace the component of getting ready. A famous author postulated that one must begin with the end in mind. By planning we are able to see the entire gamut of teaching and learning curves, which is one of the ways we use to create a standardized curriculum that demand all teachers’ hands on deck. Our focus is entirely on the child from design to implementation.

Enthusiasm: ĕn-tho͞o′zē-ăz′əm, we love what we do because we do it well and we derive joy in doing more. Our highly trained professional teachers are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to engage our pupils towards the attainment of excellence. Our teachers’ accumulated career experience is over 250 years and still counting. We stop at nothing to help the pupils to understand the importance of their work, progress and chosen field.

Compassion: kəmˈpæʃ ən, it is important for us that we must exhibit the culture of tolerance and patience. In so doing, we are aware in all our interactions with our pupils, teachers, parents and community, of the interdependence of things. This cannot be overemphasized especially while providing support to our kids from toddlers to primary to exhibit this very important factor while learning, playing, interacting. The wholesome child is trained to inter-relate things in order to harness it all for the achievement of greatness. This is a fulcrum of the school motto: Learn Today Lead Tomorrow

Teamwork:  timˌwɜrk          we are guided to develop the culture of teamwork and collaboration in Silverwood School Maryland by the following ‘We can go farthest if we work together’ “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results’ –Andrew Carnegie. We do not take prisoners about importance of teamwork in our work with our pupils as this consolidates all our values and the child benefiting the most.

Elegance: ĕl′ĭ-gəns, one cannot be truly elegant unless ones insides (heart and mind) are refined and elegant. In cultivation of elegance amongst our pupils we truly inject into them the spirit of self-confidence and character. In the journey to build a wholesome child, the aptitude to radiate elegance is a tool to succeed socially as we live more and more in a socially convoluted world. Our pupils must excel whether locally, internationally or in a global community.

Diversity:  daɪˈvɜːsɪtɪ, The Silverwood School Maryland is a beautiful mosaic of diverse kinds of talents, knowledge, and experience. This multiplicity of individuals makes interesting for learning and development for our pupils. Indeed we promote this kind of culture in the way our pupils learn through texts, themes, colours, pictures, motion, games, sports, drama, music, arts and crafts, roles etc. Our culture of making meaningful learning possible has created a habit of continuous evaluation and improvement to ensure that we raise the best in class leaders from our School.

About Us

Welcome To Silverwood School! Motto: Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow Introducing a radical change in the early childhood education scenario in Nigeria, Silverwood School Maryland is a private Nigerian / British […]

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Vision & Mission

OUR VISION We aspire to be a world-class School in the heart of the centre of excellence raising future leaders, change agents and global ambassadors. Silverwood School Maryland aims to […]

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Learn Today Lead Tomorrow is not just a Motto, it was first coined by the brain behind Silverwood school years ago to underscore the importance of life learning Skills and […]

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Our Management – Our Team – Expertise, Experience, Commitment The school is established to run as an inclusive and supportive enterprise with chains of responsibility and division of roles. This […]

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Core Values

Our Core Values are R-E-S-P-E-C-T-E-D Resourcefulness: rɪˈsɔːsfʊlnɪs, we pride our teachers in the ability to break teaching and learning barriers to a successful building of a robust child.  We recognize […]

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