Find Us: No 6 First Avenue, Ismail Estate, 
Near 7th Day Adventist Church Maryland, Lagos.
Contact: Tel: +2349083414177
Email: support@silverwoodschools.com.


Silverwood School Maryland is a private Nigerian / British national curricula Creche, Pre-school and Elementary established in 2013 to harness, nurture and enhance the innate abilities of new generation pupils.

Welcome To Silverwood School!

Introducing a radical change in the early childhood education scenario in Nigeria.

We believe that every child has huge potential to excel. We aspire to nurture and unlock that potential, opening the minds of our pupils through inspired learning. Our deep orientation towards robust teaching is reflected in our well tutored pupils. The world has become a global village, which requires global leaders; we therefore enshrine globally recognized ways of learning into our curriculum. We recognise that every child is an individual, and we deliver the best possible education for your child, valuing academic outcomes as well as attainment regardless of academic performance.

Mission Statement

Through excellent teaching methods, we are committed to providing world class and life-long education, with emphasis on acceptable moral values, and equipping our children to positively affect their immediate community while having a global perception of their roles.

Our Vision

To be a world class school in Maryland.

Our Motto

Learn Today Lead Tomorrow.


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The ideals to be encouraged, modeled and explored are as follows


By aiming high and by persevering in the face of difficulties.


Thinking outside the box, critically, innovatively and reflectively for intellectual advancement.

Social Inclusiveness

Committed to unity in diverse cultures, languages and heritages.


Through impartiality and social justice in the school.


Community involvement for the good of all.


Which involves relating to Nigeria; the people, languages, cultures, traditions, spirituality and ‘the land’.


Care for the environment and people – which includes charitable activities and environmental development.


Which involves being honest, responsible, accountable and acting ethically.


Includes respect for themselves, human rights, elders and being responsible.


I am happy to be part of the Family

The atmosphere in the school is full of positive and committed parents and teachers. Your ability to drive excellence and standard at Silverwood is impressive. I am so proud of SILVERWOOD, THE OGUNDIPES, AND THE PTA COMMUNITY.  

Thank God I made the decision to bring my son to Silverwood

Thank God I made the decision to bring my son to Silverwood. Hopefully, it will be good all the way my heart is full of joy. Truth be told, thank God you followed up with us after our visit because you convinced me.

Silverwood School is like Haven for us

My husband said yesterday " I wish this was the first school Zoe attend". It's only our God that can reward you and the whole teachers for all that you do for the children. We love and celebrate you, ma'am. Pray this vision will continue to run and God will keep giving you hands that will run with the template and the blueprint will only get clearer and clearer in Jesus name.
Mrs Ehizogie
Mrs Ojo
Mrs Kingsley